fabricated life


When we receive your project inquiry, we’ll set up a meeting to align goals and understand your vision. Based on this, we’ll develop an estimate which includes the artist selection and timeline.


artist selection

After the first meeting, we’ll suggest artists who match your needs. We always try to find three artists to present to you, with different experience and pricing levels. You are the one picking the artists, our team will guide you to find your perfect match.


concept development

Here we’ll hash out the rough idea, the need to create something, for a certain purpose. It can be conceptual, it can be for advertising, or simply for beauty.

If need be, your artist will help you develop the concept further.


concept sketch

The creation of a rough sketch, to match up ideas. What’s the perspective? What elements are inside the image, where are they placed?


visual artist

Your artist creates an image based on the concept sketch, this time with details, lights & colours. There are two revision rounds to improve the work to your taste.


export & delivery

Based on your needs, the amount of imagery, sizes and versions will be delivered.